Erica Roberston

Meet Erica Robertson, the visionary founder of Heart to Heart Non-Medical Senior Care, LLC. Erica's journey into senior care was inspired by a personal story close to her heart—her grandmother. Witnessing her grandmother's health decline and the challenges she faced with inadequate caregiving, Erica felt a calling to make a meaningful difference.

With 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, Erica had contemplated starting her own business for some time. The pivotal moment arrived when, driven by faith and the teachings of her pastor, she decided to turn her thoughts into action. In 2019, Erica took the courageous step to establish Heart to Heart Non-Medical Senior Care, LLC.

Rooted in a passion for providing compassionate and effective care, Erica's agency is dedicated to going beyond the ordinary. Her commitment stems not only from professional expertise but from a genuine desire to improve the lives of seniors in need. Through Heart to Heart, Erica continues to uphold the values of faith, compassion, and excellence in senior care.

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